Touted as an Unequivocal "Game Changer" in the Floral Industry.
A replacement for Non-Biodegradable Foam finally exists!

Eco Fresh Bouquet Floral Hydration Stem Sponge-Wrap® System is the first eco-friendly mobile water resource that allows flowers to stay fresh and well hydrated with a professional appearance and flawless performance. From reliable transport to impressive cutting edge designs, captivate clients' desires for new and exciting offerings all while increasing revenue. Perfect for transporting bouquets, weddings, large installations, events, holidays, farmers markets, and pop-up shops too!

The Floral WOW factor just got turned, Way Up!

Hand-Held Bouquet

Hand-Held Bouquets

Wedding Bouquet

Wedding Bouquets

Bouquet Technique

Cut stems flush, rubber band bottom of stems, soak Sponge-Wrap in water/solution for 15 seconds, and watch it grow! Gently squeeze off dripping water and leave very wet. With pointed corner facing you, place stems in middle of Wrap and bring bottom of Sponge-Wrap over stems making certain stems are in contact with bottom of Wrap. Swaddle sides of Wrap around stems, secure with rubber band, and put in plastic bag. Secure top of bag with rubber band above the Sponge-Wrap.

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Large Event Installation Technique

Cover a sturdy structure with chicken wire and weave in lots of hardy greens such as Camellia or East Texas Smilax. Hydrate and secure groupings (small bouquets) of flowers and thirsty foliages with Eco Fresh Bouquet Sponge-Wraps. Insert the small bouquets through the chicken wire and camouflage Sponge-Wraps with greens.

Large Event Installation
Large Event Installation
Large Event Installation

Fun Facts

100% plant composition, 100% biodegradable, reusable, recyclable plastic bag, hydrates vertically and horizontally, easily trims to accommodate small bouquets, allows for flower conditioning treatments, holds water for several days, reduces number of vases needed, requires minimal storage space, saves time and water, integrates with pre-designed bouquets, easily removed without mess, and makes deliveries worry free with no annoying water issues!